Representing Businesses in Labor and Employment Law Matters

The employment law attorneys at Appel & Yost LLP provide counsel to businesses of all sizes. Our attorneys assist employers in navigating the highly regulated and increasingly complex modern workplace. By working to prevent workplace conflicts and ensure compliance with applicable law, our attorneys pride themselves on being able to identify and address legal issues before they mature into legal disputes. The labor law attorneys at Appel & Yost skillfully negotiate, review, and draft employment contracts, covenants not to compete, non-solicitation agreements, severance agreements, employee handbooks, and many other legal documents. 

Our attorneys also assist employers in resolving employment disputes through negotiation and litigation. The litigators at Appel & Yost LLP are available to protect employers' interests by providing vigorous and dynamic representation in response to claims involving, among other things, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, wage and overtime disputes, and workplace harassment. Our litigators are also dedicated to seeing our clients receive the benefit of their bargain by seeking judicial enforcement of their contracts and the promises contained therein.

Representing Individuals in Labor and Employment Law Matters

Appel & Yost LLP represents individuals who have been wrongfully discharged, subjected to harassment in the workplace, improperly denied employee leave or benefits, or discriminated against based on their age, gender, race, religion, or disability. Our seasoned employment law attorneys work closely with employees to evaluate their claims and present various options and alternatives for proceeding. Where appropriate, our labor and employment law attorneys aggressively litigate their clients' claims for fair and just compensation in light of employer wrongdoing.