Representing Local Governments in Municipal Matters

The municipal law attorneys at Appel & Yost LLP provide counsel to all local government bodies: municipalities, boards, agencies, commissions, authorities, etc. We also offer our services to government officials in their official capacity. Our attorneys assist local government agencies in a variety of municipal matters, including commercial and contract disputes, zoning and land use issues, public contracts and requests for proposals, drafting of ordinances and other legislation, charter revision, subdivision and land development and planning, local taxation issues, easements and rights of way, transparency requirements, and more. We can also assist you in defending civil claims when you are immune from liability under Pennsylvania law. The municipal law attorneys at Appel & Yost skillfully handle these matters, paying special attention to the rules and regulations under which your government body operates to ensure accurate and efficient results.

Representing Residents in Municipal Matters

Appel & Yost LLP represents individuals who believe they have been wronged by a local government body. Our seasoned municipal law attorneys are prepared to handle many types of local matters such as eminent domain, zoning appeals, tax appeals, public record requests, code violations, utility issues, title and property line disputes, and more. We work closely with residents to evaluate their claims and present various options and alternatives for proceeding. Where appropriate, our municipal law attorneys aggressively litigate their clients' claims for fair and just compensation in light of government wrongdoing.