One of the most difficult parts of the entire estate planning process is carrying it out after your loved one has passed away. You can trust that the experienced estate administration attorneys at Appel & Yost LLP will handle the administration of the estate down to the last detail so that you can focus on being with your family in your time of need. Our attorneys handle all the details of the estate administration process from identifying assets, filing tax returns, paying any taxes that may become due, paying debts and distributing assets in accordance with your loved one's wishes. Our attorneys will file all the necessary paperwork and handle all legal proceedings and hearings that may be required. As no two families are exactly alike, we will tailor our representation to ensure that your loved one's estate is handled properly, quickly and efficiently.

The estate administration attorneys also assist in the administration of intestate estates where no Will was left behind. Our attorneys are available to guide you through the process, prepare and file the necessary documents, make sure all debts are paid and properly divide the remaining assets in accordance with the law.